Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Antivirus 360

Good Morning;
Have you been bothered with a pop up that keeps saying you have all kinds of virus's and Trojans? A program that claims to detect and clean them off. If you look at your windows security logo and you see horns on it then you have the Antivirus 360.

They are trying to get you to spend $50.00 to mess up your machine. This is a Trojan do not respond or download.....

Do a search for A360. There is a file and an uninstall file. Do the uninstall. This will take most of it off. Do another virus scan for possible remains. I have contacted windows on this and will see what response they give me.

If you do respond chances are you will end up totally reformatting your machine. What a night mare...

I hope this information can help you.

So Please do not respond, download or buy into this program even though it looks like Windows it is not.....

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